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IBMA Corporate Membership is open to any company proprietor or individual.  Membership fees are $250.00 per year and includes up to ten individual memberships.  IBMA will disseminate your industry press releases to our more than 400 member and media outlets, reaching a demographic geared toward interest in your product or service.  The Corporate Membership Program helps to fund the Chuck Pezzano Media Scholarship.

Billiard and Bowling Institute of America -

Bill Spigner -

Bowling In Magazine, Korea -

Bowling Proprietors Association of America -

Brunswick Bowling Products - (bowling equipment) (capitol equipment)

Carol Norman’s Pro Shop -

Ebonite International Inc. -

International Bowling Industry Magazine -

International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors

Kegel Lane Machines & Maintenance -

Luby Publishing / Bowlers Journal International -

Maple Family Centers -

Professional Bowlers Association / PBA -

QubicaAMF Worldwide -

Reno Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority -

Striking Spotlight -

Sports Challenge Network  -

Storm Products -

Target Line Bowling -

Turbo Grips / 2n1 -


Industry Partners

Support our industry partners who do so much for our sport and those who fight for the freedom to play.

International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame -

Bowlers to Veterans Link -

College Bowling -

Individual Member Websites

Check out these blogs, online newsletters and services provided by our IBMA members.

11th Frame Blog -

Above 180 -

Bowling Digital -

Bowling Seriously -

Go Bowl Now, Marketing -

H2M Management, Events -

Let’s Go Bowling Radio -

Striking Spotlight -

Phantom Radio -

The Tenth Board -

Vintage Alleys by Kevin Hong -

World Cup Bowling Academy -

Regional Newspapers

The Bowling News -

Colorado Bowler -

The Metro Bowler, Minnesota -

Stars and Strikes -