• Kegel Bowler of the Month
  • Luby Hall of Fame Award
  • Alberta E. Crowe Meritorious Service Award
  • Hennessy Award of Merit
  • Bowler of the Year
  • Senior Bowler of the Year
  • IBMA Collegiate Bowler of the Year
    Presented by Storm Bowling
  • Writing Competition
  • Historical Awards


The purpose of this award is to honor a bowler for outstanding accomplishments during a calendar month.



Shannon O'Keefe, O'Fallon, Illinois, has been unanimously voted as the May 2018 Kegel Bowler of the Month by the International Bowling Media Association

O'Keefe bookended the month with two PWBA wins, the Sonoma County Open and the USBC Queens.

In her Sonoma County Open win, O'Keefe ran the stepladder finals starting as the fourth seed. She ousted third seeded Ida Andersson, Sweden, 226-160, second seeded Shayna Ng, Singapore, 214-186, and in the one of the most exciting title matches of the new PWBA, the top seed Verity Crawley, England, 268-266.

After O'Keefe spared in the first, she and Crawley traded nothing but strikes until the ninth frame, when Crawley spared. O'Keefe struck in her ninth frame, then spared in the tenth. Needing a double to win, Crawley spared, giving title to O'Keefe.

The McKendree Univerity women's bowling coach then won the USBC Queens downing Bryanna Cote', Red Rock, Arizona, 221-189.

The stepladder finals began with fourth seed Stefanie Johnson, McKinney, Texas defeating fifth seed Amanda Fry, Antelope, California, 200-172. Third seed Liz Johnson, Palatine, Illinois, ousted Johnson 232-212, then second seed O'Keefe outlasted the two-time Queens champ 247-224, setting up the tilt for the tiara with Cote'.

Also receiving votes this month were Cristian Azcona, winner of the PBA XtraFrame Wilmington Open, Anoop Arromsaranon, winner of the 2018 PBA-WBT Busan Cup International Open, Michael Haugen, winner of the PBA50 PBA50 Johnny Petraglia BVL Open presented by Brunswick, and Brian Voss, winner of the PBA 50 Mooresville Open presented by Columbia 300.

Dom Barett


Andrew Anderson, Holly, Michigan, has been unanimously selected as the April 2018 Kegel Bowler of the Month by the International Bowling Media Association

Anderson defeated Alex Hoskins, 213 - 199, for the USBC Masters title, his first title on the Go Bowling! PBA Tour.

The television stepladder finals began with fourth-seed Steve Kloempken of Pleasant View, Utah ousting fifth seed Rhino Page, Orlando, Florida, 243-211. Kloepken snuck past Joe Palusek, Bensalem, Pennsylvania, 189-188 in the quarterfinal. Second seed amateur Alex Hoskins defeated Kloempen, 213-197, setting up the final match with the top seed Anderson.

Anderson was undefeated in the winner's bracket in the three-game total pins match double elimination format, becoming the television finals top seed with a 613-487 win over Hoskins, who also qualified for the television finals in last year's Masters.

Showing the unique nature of the tournament format, after qualifying in third place, Anderson was the highest seed to advance to the television finals of the sixty-four players advancing to match play . Kloempken qualified 25 th, Page at 31 st, Hoskins was 56 th, and Palusek at 60 th.

Also receiving votes this month were Dick Allen, winner of the PBA Xtra Frame Port Property Management Maine Shootout, Lennie Boresch, Jr, winner of the PBA50 National Championship presented by Spanish Spring Lanes and Radical, Shayna Ng, winner of the PWBA Las Vegas Open, and Warren Eales, winnner of the PBA50 Lucas Magazine Classic.

Dom Barett


Jenny Wegner, Sweden, has been selected as the March 2018 Kegel Bowler of the Month by the International Bowling Media Association

Wegner defeated top-seeded Anthony Simonsen, Austin, Texas, 219-213, for the 15 th Brunswick Euro Challenge, her first career European Bowling Tour title.

Wegner began the three-player stepladder final with a 233-214 win over the 2017 runner up, Yannaphon Larp-apharat, Thailand, setting up the title match with Simonsen.

The 2016 QubicaAMF World Cup Women's champion qualified in 11 th place with a six-game total of 1462, sixty-one pins behind the qualifying leader, Wegner's younger sister, Cajsa

In match play, the Team Sweden member moved up to second place after winning six of seven matches, losing only to Simonsen in the sixth game, 161-157.

Wegner is the 26 th woman to win an European Bowling Tour event in the tour's 19 th season, and third woman to win in four EBT stops this year.

Others obtaining votes in this month were Tish Johnson, winner of the USBC Senior Queens, and third place in the National Golden Ladies Classic Jeanne Naccarato, winnerof the National Golden Ladies Classic and runner up of the USBC Senior Queens, and Basil Dill Ng, Singapore, winner of the 2018 H.H. Emir Cup

Dom Barett


Matt O'Grady, Fahway, New Jersey, has been selected as the February 2018 Kegel Bowler of the Month by the International Bowling Media Association

O'Grady defeated top-seeded Jesper Svensson, Sweden, for the 53rd PBA Tournament of Champions, his first career PBA title

The fifth-seeded O'Grady began his stunning climb up the television stepladder final. First, he ousted fourth-seeded B.J. Moore, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, 219-174. In a tight match, O'Grady slipped past third-seeded and reigning PBA Player of the Year Jason Belmonte, looking for a record-tying tenth major title, 229-225. The former Junior Team USA member outlasted second-seeded Andrew Anderson, 194-185, setting up the title match.

O'Grady finished 11 th in a pre-tournament qualifier (PTQ) among those who had won PBA tournaments in its other divisions along with 26 others to get into the tournament proper. Using that momentum, O'Grady qualified for round-robin match second place.

Despite remaining in the top five, he nearly didn't make the telecast after a 154 game in the position round match loss to Belmote. Others obtaining votes in this month were Tom Smallwood, winner of the Barbasol PBA Players Championship and Jason Belmonte, winner with Bill O'Neill of the Mark Roth/Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship, presented by, and runner up of the Barbasol PBA Players Championship.

Dom Barett


Dom Barrett, England, has been selected as the January 2018 Kegel Bowler of the Month by the International Bowling Media Association

Barrett won the 2018 DHC PBA Japan Invitational defeating Kyle Troup, Taylorsville, North Carolina, 267-204 for his sixth career PBA title.

Fourth seeded Anthony Simonsen, Austin, Texas, started the stepladder final with a 248-244 over fifth seeded Marshall Kent, Yakima, Washington. Simonsen outsed third seeded Shota Kawazoe, Japan, 278-257. In the semifinal, the second seeded Troup downed Simonsen, 227-180, setting up the title match with the top seeded Barrett.

Barrett finshed qualifying in sixth place going into match play. He posted a 6-2 record in the first round of match play, becoming tournament leader. Troup did the same in round two, good for a 38-pin lead in the tournament. Barrett defeated Troup 224-212 in the position round match to become top seed for the stepladder finals.

Others obtaining votes in close voting this month were Sin Li Jane, winner of the 48 th Brunswick Ballmaster Open, Kyle Troup, DHC Japan Cup Invitaional runner up and men's winner of the Team USA Trials, Bernice Lim, winner of the AIK International Tournament, powered by Track, and Anthony Simonsen, winner of the 30 th Irish Open Championships

Past Winners


December - Danielle McEwan
November - Jason Belmonte
October - Rhino Page
September - Yu Jaeho
August - Liz Johnson
July - Francois Lavoie
June - Liz Johnson
May - Diana Zavjalova
April - Lennie Boresch, Jr.
March - Dom Barrett
February - Jason Belmonte
January - E. J. Tackett


December - Francois Lavoie
November - Jakob Butturff
October - Sean Rash
September - Liz Johnson
August – Amleto Monacelli
July - Norm Duke
June - Pete Weber
May - Pete Weber
April - Ryan Ciminelli
March - Danielle McEwan
February - Jesper Svensson
January - Amleto Monacelli


December - Gary Faulkner, Jr.
November - Ryan Ciminelli
October - Ryan Ciminelli
September - Liz Johnson
August - Amleto Monacelli
July - Osku Palermaa
June - Pete Weber
May - Bill O'Neill
April - Kyle Troup
March - Josh Blanchard
February - Jason Belmonte
January - Mike Fagan


December - Marshall Kent
November - Dom Barrett
October - Paul Moor
September - Missy Parkin
August - Osku Palermma
July - Shannon Pluhowsky
June - Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
May - Bill O'Neill
April - Norm Duke
March - Thomas Larsen
February - Jason Belmonte
January - Jason Belmonte


December - Dom Barrett
November - Dom Barrett
October - Mika Koivuniemi
September - Diana Zavjalova
August - Kerry Painter
July - Liz Johnson
June - Pete Weber
May - Lennie Boresch, Jr
April - Walter Ray Williams, Jr
March - Pete Weber
February - Jason Belmonte
January - Tommy Jones


December - Mika Koivuniemi
November - Parker Bohn III
October - Jason Belmonte
September - Marshall Kent
August - Greg Young
July - Marshall Kent
June - Kelly Kulick
May - John Petraglia
April - Sean Rash
March - Osku Palermaa
February - Pete Weber
January - Mike Fagan


December - Jason Belmonte
November - Jason Belmonte
October - Liz Johnson
September - Shannon Pluhowsky
August - Dale Traber
July - Wendy Macpherson
June - Leanne Hulsenberg
May - Bill O'Neill
April - Dick Allen
March - Jason Couch
February - Norm Duke
January - Mika Koivuniemi


December - Stuart Williams
November - Wendy Macpherson
October - Bill O'Neill
September - Liz Johnson
August - Bill O'Neill
July - Marshall Kent
June - Mark Williams
May - Kelly Kulick
April - Kelly Kulick
March - Brian Kretzer
February - Bill O'Neill
January - Kelly Kulick


December - Tom Smallwood
November - Pete Weber
October - (None Chosen)
September - Bill O'Neill
August - Tammy Boomershine
July - Stefanie Nation
June - Wayne Webb
May - Joe Ciccone
April - Mike Scroggins
March - Chris Barnes
February - John Nolen
January - Patrick Allen


December - Parker Bohn III
November - Michelle Feldman
October - Norm Duke
September - Josie Earnest
August - Kim Terrell
July - Nick Morgan
June - Wayne Webb
May - Lynda Barnes
April - Lynda Barnes
March - Norm Duke
February - Norm Duke
January - Michael Haugen, Jr


December - Parker Bohn III
November - Walter Ray Williams, Jr
October - Liz Johnson/Sean Rash
September - Mika Koivuniemi
August - Tom Baker
July - Tom Baker
June - Rick Minier
May - Kelly Kulick
April - Tommy Jones
March - Pete Weber
February - Mike Mineman
January - Jason Couch


December - Norm Duke
November - Tony Reyes
October - Doug Kent
September - Walter Ray Williams, Jr
August - Jimmy Young
July - Tom Baker
June - Kelly Kulick
May - Tom Baker
April - Chris Barnes
March - Walter Ray Williams, Jr
February - Tommy Jones
January - Ritchie Allen


December - Pete Weber
November - Mike Scroggins
October - Tommy Jones
September - Tommy Jones
August - Liz Johnson
July - Stefanie Nation
June - Vince Mazzanti, Jr
May - Tom Baker
April - Patrick Allen
March - Tommy Jones
February - Chris Barnes
January - Patrick Allen


December - Brian Voss
November - Jason Hurd
October - Danny Wiseman
September - Tommy Jones
August - Shirley Levens
July - Rick Benard
June - Mike Edwards
May - David Ozio
April - (None Chosen)
March - Tom Baker
February - Pete Weber
January - Walter Ray Williams, Jr

Luby Hall of Fame Award

The IBMA Luby Hall of Fame Award is given to an individual (living or deceased) who has made a distinguished contribution to bowling in print, broadcast, telecast or photographic coverage over a period of at least ten years. The IBMA (BWAA/NWBW) has been presenting this award, considered the most prestigious bowling media award, for more than six decades.

The Award is named after the Luby family - Dave, Mort Sr. and Mort Jr. - for their dedication and longevity in the bowling print publication business.

Past winners include:

  • Bowling Writers Association of America (BWAA) Mort Luby Sr. Distinguished Service Award (1952 – 2007)
  • National Women Bowling Writers (NWBW) Alberta E. Crowe Meritorious Service Award (1983 – 2006)

IBMA Hall of Fame inductees also includes the World Bowling Writers (WBW) Hall of Fame Award (1993 – 2012)
WBW Hall of Famers are chosen strictly on the basis of athletic performance. To qualify for consideration, a player must have been amateur and accumulate a minimum of 15 points in any combination of four specifically designated international competitions; the Fédération Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ) adult World Championships; the Bowling World Cup; the Fédération Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ) adult Zone Masters Championships; and the Olympic Games.

2018 Luby Hall of Fame Award Winner

Dan McDonough


A BWAA member since 1993, Dan McDonough has been publisher of the Sports Reporter, a weekly tabloid providing bowling information to the New York/New Jersey area for since 1994. Prior to that, he worked with the previous publisher of the paper going back to the 1960s doing photography, makeup/layout and distribution. A man of many talents and a true sports historian, McDonough ran his own professional photography business and served on numerous civic committees for the Firefighters, Police, and his local Historical Society as well as working with the East Coast Bowling Proprietors Association. He has written on many subjects for various papers.

McDonough is a longtime member and president of the Metropolitan Bowling Writers Association, has served on various Hall of Fame committees and is in four Halls of Fame-state, county and two locals.

IBMA Luby Hall of Fame recipients

2018 - Dan McDonough, NY
2017 - Johnny Campos, Tx
2016 - Jim Goodwin, Rockwall, Tx
2015 - Herbert Bickel, Germany
2014 - Hero Noda, Ibaraki, Japan
2013 - Dave Luby, Chicago, IL

2012 - R. F Corderman, Bedford, IA
2011 - Joan Taylor, East Stroudburg, PA
2010 - Lydia Rypcinski, Chicago, IL
2009 - Bob Johnson, Chicago, IL
2008 - Lyle Zikes, Palatine, IL

BWAA Mort Luby Sr. Distinguished Service Award winners

2007 - Hazel McLeary, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
2006 - Joe Gennaro, Dallas, TX
2005 - Frank Kietz, Lake Forest, CA
2004 - Matt Fiorito, Detroit, MI
2003 - Jim Wyckoff, Little Rock, AR
2002 - Dan Glus, Pittsburgh, PA
2001 - Bill Vint, East Troy, WI
2000 - Jack Graziano, New York, NY
1999 - Don Gates, Syracuse, NY
1998 - Bob Schabert, St. Paul, MN
1997 - Jim Dressel, Palatine, IL
1996 - Joe Lyou, Gardena, CA
1995 - Joe Antczak, Grand Rapids, MI
1994 - Mike Hennessy, Dayton, OH
1993 - Wayne Todd, Aurora, CO
1992 - Bob Zellner, Uniondale, NY
1991 - John Jowdy, El Cajon, CA
1990 - Pearl Keller, Chappaqua, NY
1989 - Jerry Levine, Hackensack, NJ
1988 - Don Snyder, Los Angeles, CA
1987 - Steve James, Milwaukee, WI
1986 - Augie Karcher, Winona, MN
1985 - Jim Fitzgerald, Chicago, IL
1984 - Mort Luby Jr., Chicago, IL
1983 - John Archibald, St. Louis, MO
1982 - Dick Evans, Miami, FL
1981 - Bud Fisher, Akron, OH

1980 - Ray Nelson, Milwaukee, WI
1979 - Pat McDonough, Union City, NJ
1978 - Joe Kissel, Chicago, IL
1977 - Seymour Shub, Chicago, IL
1976 - Dave DeLorenzo, River Falls, WI
1975 - Bill McDonald, New York, NY
1974 - Chuck Pezzano, Clifton, NJ
1973 - George Bell, York, PA
1972 - Charlie Smith, Clearwater, FL
1971 - Ed Reddy, Syracuse, NY
1970 - Frank Sczepanski, Flint, MI
1969 - Bruce Pluckhahn, Milwaukee, WI
1968 - Angelo Biondo, Chicago, IL
1967 - Hank Sayrs, Milwaukee, WI
1966 - Sam Levine, Cleveland, OH
1965 - Fred Wolf, Detroit, MI
1964 - Sam Weinstein, Chicago, IL
1963 - Elmer Fischer, Springfield, IL
1962 - Jerry Hagan, Kalamazoo, MI
1961 - Steve Cruchon, Detroit, MI
1960 - Fritz Howell, Columbus, OH
1959 - Bill Hengen, Minneapolis, MN
1958 - John Martino, Syracuse, NY
1957 - Tom Bolger, Toledo, OH
1956 - LeRoy Chase, Peoria, IL
1955 - Billy Sixty, Milwaukee, WI
1953 - Mort Luby Sr., Chicago, IL
1952 - Eli Whitney, Milwaukee, WI

NWBW Alberta E. Crowe

2006 - Bill Vint, East Troy, WI
2005 - Carol Mancini, Downey, CA
2004 - Linda Nelson, St. Charles, MO
2003 - Henry Fankhauser, Silver Springs, MD
2002 - Sue McCormick, Oscoda, MI
2001 - Elsie DeJonghe, Westerville, OH
2000 - Virg VanDierendonck, DeWitt, IA
1999 - Diane Squires, Battle Creek, MI
1998 - Mary Lynly, Roseville, CA
1997 - (None Given)
1996 - Marie Hisel, Arnold, MO
1995 - Wayne Todd, Denver, CO

1994 - Shirlee Kutzner, Nutley, NJ
1993 - Billy Hughes, Springfield, MO
1992 - Alice Meglemre, Long Beach, CA
1991 - Freda Botkin, Tucson, AZ
1990 - Mary Jane Sporar, Joliet, IL
1989 - Pearl Keller, Chappaqua, NY
1988 - Sam Weinstein, Chicago, IL
1987 - Kathryn Hotzel, Chesterfield, IN
1986 - Dick Evans, Miami, FL
1985 - Steve Cruchon, Harper Woods, MI
1984 - Chuck Pezzano, Clifton, NJ
1983 - Mary Jannetto, Parma Heights, OH

WBW Hall of Fame (1993 - 2013)

Male Recipients

2013 - Osku Palmeraa - Finland
2011 - Raymond Jansonn - Sweden
2010 - Mika Koivuniemi - Finald
2019 - Gery Verbruggen - Belgium
2008 - Bill Hoffman - United States
2007 - Tore Torgersen - Norway
2006 - Tito Reynolds - Mexico
2005 - None
2004 - Anders Ohman - Sweden
2003 - Kaarlo "Kalle" Asukas - Finland
2002 - None
2001 - Gosta Aldeskog - Sweden
2000 - Tomas Leandersson - Sweden
1999 - Les Zikes - United States
1998 - None
1997 - Cheng-Ming Yang - Chinese Taipei
1996 - Ying-Chieh Ma - Chinese Taipei
1994 - Philippe Dubois - France
1994 - Arna Stroem - Norway
1993 - Rafael Nepomuceno - Phillipines

Female Recipients

2013 - Kelly Kulick, United States
2011 - Shannon Pluhowsky, United States
2010 - Kirsten Penny, England
2019 - Clara Guerrero, Colombia
2008 - Ann-Maree Putney, Australia
2007 - Zara Glover, England
2006 - Lynda Barnes, United States
2005 - Diandra Asbaty, United States
2004 - Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia
2003 - Pauline Buck, England
2002 - Eija Krogerus, Finland
2001 - Irma Urrea, Mexico
2000 - Lita dela Rosa, Philippines
1999 - Edda Piccini, Mexico
1998 - Cara Honeychurch, Australia
1997 - Martina Beckel, Germany
1996 - Asa Larsson, Sweden
1994 - Jeanette Baker, Australia
1993 - Olivia Coo, Philippines
1993 - Annette Hagre Johannesson, Sweden

Alberta E. Crowe Meritorious Service Award

This award is presented to an individual or organization that has achieved outstanding long-term accomplishments in service to the sport of bowling. It is named after the longest serving president of the WIBC, Alberta E. Crowe. The award encompasses past winners of the now defunct BWAA's John O. Martino Award and the now defunct NWBW's Jo Ettien Lieber Award. Martin was the first BWAA president in 1934 and Jo Ettien Lieber was a founding member of NWBW in 1948.

2018 Crowe Meritorious Service Award Winner

Ken Lowman

Ken Lowman

Ken Lowman purchased the California Bowling News in the early 1970's. He would continue as publisher until he sold the paper to bowling magnate Charles Kinstler and Carol Mancini in 1989. In a time when many weekly bowling publications were closing, Lowman kept the California Bowling News alive. It remains, along with the New Jersey Sports Reporter, the longest running weekly publication, with both journals beginning in 1940.

He was elected to the Southern California Bowling Writers Hall of Fame in 1993, and the Los Angeles Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1990, along with Roy Rogers, another famous personality from outside the bowling world. He was a member of the National Composers Hall of Fame and came to us from the music and film industry, where he was best known for writing the music score of more than 100 Popeye cartoons. He was also an accomplished musician and played the bassoon in a Hollywood film orchestra.

IBMA Alberta Crowe Meritorious Service

2018 - Ken Lowman, Hollywood, CA
2017 - Robert (Bob) Thomas, Reno, NV
2016 - Bill & Barbara Chrisman, Storm Bowling INC
2015 - Gordon Vadakin, Wichita, KS
2014 - Lee Evans, Miami, FL
2013 - John Davis, Lake Wales, FL
2012 - Mort Luby, Jr., Carpentersville, IL
2011 - Bill Bunetta, Fresno, CA
2010 - John Berglund, St. Martin, French West Indies
2009 - Johnny Petraglia, Jackson, NJ
2008 - Joan Romeo, Van Nuys, CA

BWAA John O. Martino Award

2007 - Bowlers to Veterans Link
2006 - Carmen Salvino, Chicago, IL
2005 - R.R. (Woody) Woodruff, Glen Rock, NJ
2004 - ABC-TV & ESPN
2003 - Brunswick Corporation
2002 - Joyce Deitch, Las Vegas, NV
2001 - John Sommer, Rockford, IL
2000 - James Bennett Jr., Northbrook, IL
1999 - Roger Tessman, Homosassa, FL
1998 - Dick Ritger, River Falls, WI
1997 - Fred Borden, Akron, OH
1996 - Helen Duval, Berkeley, CA
1995 - Jack Reichert, Chicago, IL
1994 - Joe Antenora, Akron, OH
1993 - Earl Anthony, Cornelius, OR
1992 - Chuck Pezzano, Clifton, NJ
1991 - Sam Weinstein, Chicago, IL
1990 - Chris Schenkel, Leesburg, IN
1989 - Harry Golden, Las Vegas, NV
1988 - Bowlers Journal
1987 - Anheuser-Busch
1986 - Bruce Pluckhahn, St. Louis, MO
1985 - Dick Weber, St. Louis, MO
1984 - Albert Matzelle, St. Louis, MO
1984 - Frank Esposito, Paramus, NJ
1983- Joe Norris, San Diego, CA
1982 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1981 - Alberta Crowe, Syracuse, NY
1980 - Bill Doehrman, Fort Wayne, IN
1979 - Don Carter, Miami, FL
1978 - Frank Baker, Milwaukee, WI
1977 - Andy Varipapa, W. Hempstead, NY
1976 - Eddie Elias, Akron, OH

NWBW Jo Ettien Lieber Award 

2006 - Hazel McLeary, Victoria British Columbia
2005 - Helen Lesh, Roseburg. OR
2004 - Gerry Perry, Henderson, NV
2003 - Ruth Heath-Trott, Montpelier, OH
2002 - Margie Bishop, St. Louis MO
2001 - Ann Adams, Las Vegas, NV
2000 - Elaine Mulroney, Seattle, WA
1999 - Marilyn Hensley, Tucson, AZ
1998 - Sylvia Broyles, Spring Branch, TX
1997 - Trudy Todd, Aurora, CO
1996 - Nancy Chapman, Green Bay, WI
1995 - Joyce Deitch, Las Vegas, NV
1994 - Alice Meglemre, Long Beach, CA
1993 - Annis Niemier, South Bend, IN
1992 - Alpharetta Callaway, Pittsburgh, PA
1991 - Mary Lynly, Roseville, CA
1990 - Shirlee Kutzner, Nutley, NJ
1989 - Billy Hughes, Springfield, MO
1988 - Elaine Hagin, Castro Valley, CA
1987 - Lo Borschuk, Sioux City, IA
1986 - Dorothy Mauldin, Marietta, GA
1985 - Dorothy Johnson, Lebanon, MO
1984 - Pearl Keller, Chappaqua, NY
1983 - (None Given)
1982 - Kathryn Hotzel, Chesterfield, IN
1981 - Gladys Banker, Charles Town, WV
1980 - Mary Jane Sporar, Joliet, IL
1979 - Pearl Switzer, South Bend, IN
1978 - Mabel Marrs, Vancouver, WA
1977 - Freda Botkin, Tucson, AZ
1976 - Myrtle Schulte, Jennings, MO
1975 - Helen Baker, S. Miami, FL
1974 - Billy (Violet) Simon, San Antonio, TX
1973 - Winifred Berger, Sonoma, CA
1972 - Frank Baker, Milwaukee, WI
1971 - Arville L. Ebersole, Washington, DC
1970 - Clover Bayley, Watertown, NY
1969 - Lola Yoakem, Camarillo, CA
1968 - Mildred White, Rockford, IL
1967 - Helen Baetz, San Antonio, TX
1966 - Theresa Kelone, Little Rock, AR
1965 - Mary Jannetto, Parmer Heights, OH
1964 - Madelene Hochstadler, Chicago, IL
1963 - Martha Werner, Toledo, OH
1962 - Bertha McBride, St. Paul, MN
1961 - Ann Wood, Cincinnati, OH
1960 - Marian Brister, Kenosha, WI
1959 - Leone Cohen, Toledo, OH
1958 - Margaret Higley, San Jose, CA
1957 - Jo Marz, Cleveland, OH
1956 - Sylvia Wene Martin, Philadelphia, PA
1955 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1954 - Berdie Speck, St. Louis, MO
1953 - Georgia E. Veatch, Chicago, IL
1952 - Georgia E. Veatch, Chicago, IL
1951 - Alberta Crowe, Liverpool, NY
1950 - Milton Raymer, Chicago, IL
1949 - Emma Phaler, Columbus, OH
1948 - Jeanette Knepprath, Milwaukee, WI


This award is presented to an individual who has made a major contribution of service to the IBMA for a period of 10 or more years. The award is named after Mike Hennessy, who was an outstanding past BWAA President and superb BWAA Executive Director for many years. Hennessy served as Executive Director of the Ohio BPAA and worked for the PWBA. He also produced and directed a King of the Hill television program in Dayton, Ohio.

2018 Hennessy Award of Merit Winner

No Award Given For 2018


2017 - Joan Romeo, CA & Bill Vint, IL
2016 - Fran Deken, Coweta, OK
2015 - Chuck Pezzano, Clifton, NJ
2014 - Steve James, Fox Point, WI
2013 - Mark Gerberich, Akron, OH
2012 - John LaSpina, Brooklyn, NY
2011 - Jim Goodwin, Rockwall, TX

Bowler of the Year

The purpose of this award is to honor a male and female bowler for outstanding accomplishments during a calendar year. Professional and amateur bowlers are eligible to receive this award.

2017 Bowlers of the Year Winners

Jason Belmonte

Jason Belmonte

Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson

Jason Belmonte was a clear choice for IBMA Bowler of the year, garnering all but two votes on the ballot. He was the first player in PBA history to win three major championships among his four titles in 2017 and led the PBA in earnings ($238,912) and scoring average (a PBA record 229.39 for 380 games bowled)

Liz Johnson had a stellar season winning three titles, including two majors, and led the PWBA Tour in earnings ($83,500). She garnered nearly all the ballot votes, making this her third consecutive year winning the IBMA Female Bowler of the Year award. Her seven overall wins bring her closer to tying the all-time winner, Marion Ladewig, who won the award nine times, including five consecutive wins (1950-1954).

IBMA Dick Weber Male Bowlers of the Year

2017 - Jason Belmonte, Orange, NWS, Australia
2016 - E.J. Tackett, Huntington, IN
2015 - Jason Belmonte, Orange, NWS, Australia
2014 - Jason Belmonte, Orange, NWS, Australia
2013 - Jason Belmonte, Orange, NWS, Australia
2012 - Michael Fagan, Dallas, TX
2011 - Mika Koiuvniemi, Hartland, MI
2010 - Bill O'Neill, Southampton, PA
2009 - Norm Duke, Clermont, FL
2008 - Norm Duke, Clermont, FL
2007 - Patrick Allen, Wesley Chapel, FL
2006 - Tommy Jones, Simpsonville, SC
2005 - Patrick Allen, Tarrytown, NY
2004 - W.R. Williams Jr., Ocala, FL
2003 - W.R. Williams Jr., Ocala, FL
2002 - W.R. Williams Jr., Ocala, FL
2001 - Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ
2000 - Norm Duke, Clermont, FL
1999 - Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ
1998 - W.R. Williams Jr., Stockton, CA
1997 - W.R. Williams Jr., Stockton, CA
1996 - W.R. Williams Jr., Stockton, CA
1995 - Mike Aulby, Indianapolis, IN
1994 - Norm Duke, Edmond, OK
1993 - W.R. Williams Jr., Stockton, CA
1992 - Marc McDowell, Madison, WI
1991 - David Ozio, Vidor, TX
1990 - Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela
1989 - Mike Aulby, Indianapolis, IN
1988 - Brian Voss, Tacoma, WA
1987 - Marshall Holman, Medford, OR
1985 - Mike Aulby, Indianapolis, IN
1986 - W.R. Williams Jr., Stockton, CA
1984 - Mark Roth, Spring Lake Hts., NJ
1983 - Earl Anthony, Dublin, CA
1982 - Earl Anthony, Dublin, CA
1981 - Earl Anthony, Dublin, CA
1980 - Wayne Webb, Reheboth, MA
1979 - Mark Roth, N. Arlington, NJ
1978 - Mark Roth, N. Arlington, NJ
1977 - Mark Roth, N. Arlington, NJ
1976 - Earl Anthony, Dublin, CA
1975 - Earl Anthony, Dublin, CA
1974 - Earl Anthony, Dublin, CA
1973 - Don McCune, Munster, IN
1972 - Don Johnson, Akron, OH
1971 - Don Johnson, Akron, OH
1970 - Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis, MO
1969 - Billy Hardwick, Louisville, KY
1968 - Jim Stefanich, Joliet, IL
1967 - Dave Davis, Phoenix, AZ
1966 - Wayne Zahn, Atlanta, GA
1965 - Dick Weber, St. Louis, MO
1964 - Billy Hardwick, San Mateo, CA
1963 - Dick Weber, St. Louis, MO
1962 - Don Carter, St. Louis, MO
1961 - Dick Weber, St. Louis, MO
1960 - Don Carter, St. Louis, MO
1959 - Ed Lubanski, Detroit, MI
1958 - Don Carter, St. Louis, MO
1957 - Don Carter, St. Louis, MO
1956 - Bill Lillard, Chicago, IL
1955 - Steve Nagy, Detroit, MI
1954 - Don Carter, St. Louis, MO
1953 - Don Carter, St. Louis, MO
1952 - Steve Nagy, Cleveland, OH
1951 - Lee Jouglard, Detroit, MI
1950 - Junie McMahon, Fair Lawn, NJ
1949 - Connie Schwoegler, Madison, WI
1948 - Andy Varipapa, Brooklyn, NY
1947 - Buddy Bomar, Chicago, IL
1946 - Joe Wilman, Chicago, IL
1945 - Buddy Bomar, Chicago, IL
1944 - Ned Day, Milwaukee, WI
1943 - Ned Day, Milwaukee, WI
1942 - Johnny Crimmins, Detroit, MI

IBMA Female Bowlers of the Year

2017 - Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, NY
2016 - Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, NY
2015 - Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, NY
2014 - Kelly Kulick, Union, NJ
2013 - Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, NY
2012 - Diandra Asbaty, Chicago, IL
2011 - Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, OH
2010 - Kelly Kulick, Union, NJ
2009 - Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, NY
2008 - Lynda Barnes, Double Oak, TX
2007 - Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, NY
2006 - Kelly Kulick, Union, NJ
2005 - Liz Johnson, Niagara Falls, NY
2004 - Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix, AZ
2003 - Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Dallas, TX
2002 - Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, CA
2001 - Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Dallas, TX
2000 - Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, NV
1999 - Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, NV
1998 - Carol Gianotti-Block, Australia
1997 - Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, NV
1996 - Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, NV
1995 - Tish Johnson, Northridge, CA
1994 - Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, OK
1993 - Lisa Wagner, Palmetto, FL
1992 - Tish Johnson, Panorama City, CA
1991 - Leanne Barrette, Yukon, OK
1990 - Tish Johnson, Panorama City, CA
1989- Robin Romeo, Newhall, CA
1988 - Lisa Wagner, Palmetto, FL
1987 - Betty Morris, Stockton, CA
1986 - Lisa Wagner, Palmetto, FL
1985 - Aleta Sill, Dearborn, MI
1984 - Aleta Sill, Dearborn, MI
1983 - Lisa Wagner, Palmetto, FL
1982 - Nikki Gianulias, Vallejo, CA
1981 - Donna Adamek, Apple Valley, CA
1980 - Donna Adamek, Apple Valley, CA
1979 - Donna Adamek, Apple Valley, CA
1978 - Donna Adamek, Apple Valley, CA
1976- Patty Costello, Scranton, PA
1975 - Judy Soutar, Leawood, KS
1974 - Betty Morris, Stockton, CA
1973 - Judy Soutar, Leawood, KS
1972 - Patty Costello, Scranton, PA
1971 - Paula Carter, Miami, FL
1970 - Mary Baker Harris, Cent. Islip, NY
1969 - Dorothy Fothergill, Ossippee, NH
1968 - Dorothy Fothergill, Ossippee, NH
1967 - Mildred Ignizio, Rochester, NY
1966 - Joy Abel, Lansing, IL
1965 - Betty Kuczynski, Chicago, IL
1964 - LaVerne Carter, Las Vegas, NV
1963 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1962 - Shirley Garms, Island Lake, IL
1961 - Shirley Garms, Island Lake, IL
1960 - Sylvia Martin, Philadelphia, PA
1959 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1958 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1957 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1956 - Anita Cantaline, Detroit, MI
1955 - Sylvia Martin, Philadelphia, PA
1954 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1953 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1952 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1951 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1950 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1949 - Val Mikiel, Detroit, MI
1948 - Val Mikiel, Detroit, MI

Senior Bowler of the Year

The purpose of this award is to honor a male and female bowler, 50 years or older, for outstanding accomplishments during a calendar year. Professional and amateur bowlers are eligible to receive this award.

2017 Senior Bowler of the Year Winner

Norm Duke

Norm Duke

Lucy Sandelin

Lucy Sandelin

Norm Duke & Lucy Sandelin

Norm Duke participated in eight PBA50 events in 2017 and won the PBA 50 Race City Open. He was the top earnings winner ($39,600.00) and finished second in average (232.00).

Duke, one of only four players to earn PBA and PBA 50 Player of the year also had a decent year on the PBA Tour with six cashes in eleven events for prize earnings of $76,840.00

Lucy Sandelin prevailed over Carolyn Dorin-Ballard in a very tight race for Senior Female Bowler of the Year. Sandelin was the 2017 USBC Senior Queens Champion and finished third in the National Golden Ladies event making her the top earnings winner among the senior women.

She also won the Senior Women's divisions of the 2017 Tourneo de la Raza in Costa Rica and the Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas.

IBMA Male Bowlers of the Year

2017 - Norm Duke
2016 - Pete Weber, St Ann, MO
2015 - Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ
2014 - Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO
2013 - Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO
2012 - Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Ocala, FL
2011 - Ron Mohr, Eagle River, AK
2010 - Wayne Webb, Columbus, OH
2009 - Ron Mohr, Eagle River, AK
2008 - Wayne Webb, Sacramento, CA
2007 - Tom Baker, King, NC
2006 - Tom Baker, King, NC
2005 - Tom Baker, King, NC
2004 - Bob Glass, Lawrence, KS
2003 - Bob Glass, Lawrence, KS
2002 - Bob Glass, Lawrence, KS
2001 - Bob Glass, Lawrence, KS
2000 - Bob Glass, Lawrence Park, KS
1999 - Dale Eagle, Lewisville, TX
1998 - Pete Couture, Titusville, FL
1997 - Gary Dickinson, Edmond, OK
1996 - Earl Anthony, Cornelius, WA
1995 - Tommy Evans, Bonaventure, FL
1994 - John Handegard, Las Vegas, NV
1993 - Gary Dickinson, Edmond, OK
1992 - Gene Stus, Allen Park, MI

IBMA Female Bowlers of the Year

2017 - Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, FL
2016 - Robin Romeo, Newhall, CA
2015 - Robin Romeo, Newhall, CA
2014 - Tish Johnson
2013 - Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, FL
2012 - Robin Romeo, Newhall, CA
2011 - Paula Vidad, Sun City, CA
2010 - Dana Miller-Mackie, Albuquerque, NM
2009 - Robin Romeo, Newhall, CA
2008 - Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, FL
2007 - (none selected)
2006 - (none selected)
2005 - (none selected)
2004 - Shirley Levens, Titusville, FL
2003 - Shirley Levens, Cocoa, FL
2002 - Shirley Levens, Cocoa, FL
2001 - Fran Deken, Reno, NV
2000 - Linda Kelly, Dayton, OH

IBMA (BWAA) Collegiate Bowler of the Year Award
Presented by Storm Bowling

The IBMA Collegiate Bowler of the Year Award, presented by Storm Bowling, was established in 1987 to recognize and honor a male and female bowler for their outstanding accomplishments in collegiate competition. The award is presented each year during the Intercollegiate Team Championships in April.

2017 Male & Female Winners

Nick Pate
Midland University

Sydney Brummett
Wichita State University

2016 Male & Female Winners

Michael Coffey

Michael Coffey
Lindenwood University

Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith
Grand View University

IBMA Male Collegiate Bowlers of the Year

2017 - Nick Pate, Midland University
2016 - Michael Coffey, Lindenwood University
2015 - Michael Tang, San Jose State University
2014 - AJ Johnson, McKendree University
2013 - AJ Johnson, McKendree University
2012 - Marshall Kent, Robert Morris-Illinois
2011 - T.J. Schmidt, Purdue University
2010 - Josh Blanchard, Wichita State
2009 - Dan MacLelland, Saginaw Valley State
2008 - Dan MacLelland, Saginaw Valley State
2007 - P.J. Haggerty, Fresno State
2006 - P.J. Haggerty, Fresno State
2005 - P.J. Haggerty, Fresno State
2004 - Bill O'Neill, Saginaw Valley State
2003 - Bill O'Neill, Saginaw Valley State
2002 - Derek Sapp, Western Illinois
2001 - Bill O'Neill, Saginaw Valley State
2000 - Jeff Piroozshad, Miami, FL
1999 - Mike Eaton Jr., Wichita State University
1998 - Louis Franzetti, William Paterson
1997 - Joe Ciccone, Arizona State University
1996 - Bryan Manno, Indiana University
1995 - Steve Kloempken, Wichita State
1994 - Joe Ciccone, Erie Community College
1993 - Bill Hoffman, Ohio State University
1992 - Chris Barnes, Wichita State University
1991 - Sanford Carvajal, San Diego State
1990 - David Carter, William Paterson
1989 - Chris Sole, William Paterson
1988 - Chris Viale, William Paterson
1987 - Rick Steelsmith, Wichita State

IBMA Female Collegiate Bowlers of the Year

2017 - Sidney Brummett, Wichita State
2016 - Brittany Smith, Grand View University
2015 - Daria Kovalova, Wichita State
2014 - Daria Kovalova, Wichita State
2013 - Daria Kovalova, Wichita State
2012 - Jazreel Tan, Wichita State
2011 - Jazreel Tan, Wichita State
2010 - Jenn Boisselle, Central Florida
2009 - Sandra Gongora, Wichita State
2008 - Kayla Bandy, Pikeville College
2007 - Kayla Bandy, Pikeville College
2006 - Stefanie Nation, Central Florida
2005 - Anita Manns, Wichita State
2004 - Elysia Current, Fairleigh Dickinson
2003 - Melissa Belinder, Cal State-Fullerton
2002 - Amber Gazverde, Central Missouri State
2001 - Shannon Pluhowsky, Nebraska
2000 - Jessica DeCrescente, Morehead State
1999 - Cathy Krasner, Cal State-Fresno
1998 - Kelly Kulick, Morehead State
1997 - Kelly Kulick, Morehead State
1996 - Keli Rapp, Erie Community College
1995 - Rosine Marschke, Wichita State
1994 - Stacy Werth, Cal State-Sacramento
1993 - Liz Johnson, Morehead State
1992 - Kari Murph, Morehead State University
1991 - Kari Murph, Morehead State University
1990 - Linda Norry, San Jose State
1989 - Linda Norry, San Jose State
1988 - Jackie Sellers, Penn State
1987 - Jackie Sellers, Penn State

2016-2017 Writing Competition

Professional News Story Winners (tie)
Dennis Bergendorf, Bowlers Journal International, Vintage Form, September 2016
Pamela Thompson, International Bowling Industry, Ideas to Spare, April 2016



Professional News Story Honorable Mention (tie)
Gianmarc Manzione, Bowlers Journal International, Long Time Coming, August 2016
Pamela Thompson, International Bowling Industry, Circle of Life, November 2016

Professional Feature Story Winner
Gianmarc Manzione, Bowlers Journal International, Tale of Two Tours, August 2016


Professional Feature Story Runner Up
Barry Sparks, Bowling Center Management, Transforming for the Future, November 2016

Professional Feature Story Honorable Mention
Bob Johnson, Bowling Center Management, Profitable in Pink, June 2016

Professional Editorial Winner
Lucas Wiseman, Bowling Digital, Should Svensson, Simonsen and Low be allowed to compete in the World Youth?, July 2016


Professional Editorial Runner Up
Jeff Richgels, 11th Frame Blog, Can a 'realistic pessimist' have hope for the PBA?, September 2016

Professional Editorial Honorable Mention
Pamela Thompson, International Bowling Industry, Toys for Tots, November 2016

Winner: Kevin Hong, Feature Story
So Long Pinboys: The birth of the automatic pinsetter, The Vintage Alley’s Project, June 2016


Runner Up: Frank Weiler, Editorial
Big Bowling – Bad for Bowling?, The Bowling News, December 2016

Honorable Mention: Josh Hyde, News Story
Lavoie Perfect to Win His First Title at the 2016 U.S Open, Josh Hyde Newsletter, December 2016

Rip Van Winkle Award

Rip Van Winkle Award Winner List

(Award discontinued in 2007)

2007 - Reg Pearson, Virginia City, NV
2006 - Albert Matzelle, Bayside, WI
2005 - Connie Marchione, Panorama City, CA
2004 - Dick Ritger, River Falls, WI
2003 - Glenn Allison, Los Angeles, CA
2002 - Gordon Vadakin, Wichita, KS
2001 - Sam Baca, Stockton, CA
2000 - Jack Biondolillo, Houston, TX
1999 - Walt Steinsiek, Mico, FL
1998 - Don McCune, Munster, IN
1997 - Tom Kouros, Palatine, IL
1996 - Chief Halftown, Philadelphia, PA
1995 - Jeannette Robinson, Las Vegas, NV
1994 - Bill Taylor, San Gabriel, CA
1993 - Angelo Biondo, Chicago, IL
1992 - Wayne Todd, Aurora, CO
1991 - Pepper Martin, San Antonio, TX
1990 - Seymour (Sandy) Shub, Chicago, IL
1989 - George Amato, Eugene, OR
1988 - Don Snyder, Los Angeles, CA
1987 - Bill Franklin, Marina Del Rey, CA
1986 - Woody Woodruff, Westbury, NY
1985 - Greg Griffo, Syracuse, NY
1984 - George Billick, Old Forge, PA
1983 - John Gavie, Detroit, MI
1982 - Eddie Edgar, Detroit, MI
1981 - Gus Lombardi, New York, NY
1980 - Joe Wilson, Chicago, IL
1979 - Chuck Pezzano, Clifton, NJ
1978 - Arthur Enberg, Minneapolis, MN
1977 - Charles Mitchell, Akron, OH
1976 - Dick Watson, Los Angeles, CA
1975 - Paul Marian, Chicago, IL
1974 - Cecil Ward, Detroit, MI
1970 - Paul Cito, Detroit, MI
1969 - Elmer Irwin, San Francisco, CA
1968 - Jerome Harris, St. Louis, MO
Eli Maricich, Matteson, IL

1967 - J.B. Coker, San Diego, CA
Arthur Johnson, Milwaukee, WI
Bill McDonald, New York, NY
1966 - Peter Revelt, Detroit, MI
Ben Sands, Cleveland, OH
1965 - Lester Boston, Tulsa, OK
John Canelli, Toledo, OH
Ossie (Rags) Ragogna, St. Paul, MN
1964 - Warren Sloan, Blackwood, NJ
Dennis Sweeney, St. Louis, MO
Sam Weinstein, Chicago, IL
1963 - Wilfred Albert, St. Petersburg, FL
Fred Lipovetz, LaCrosse, WI
George Obenauer, Buffalo, NY
Milton Raymer, Chicago, IL
William Landgraf, Island Park, NY
1962 - Walt Ditzen, Phoenix, AZ
John O. Martino, Syracuse, NY
Jim Tinney, Chicago, IL
Harold Lloyd, Los Angeles, CA
1960 - Joe Fliger, Chicago, IL
Frank (Bud) Wight, Chicago, IL
Emory Krauthoefer, Milwaukee, WI
William Mattison, Toledo, OH
1959 - Allie Brandt, Lockport, NY
Joe McCord, Santa Monica, CA
Rudy Matak, St. Paul, MN
Walter (Skag) Mercurio, Cleveland, OH
1958 - Frank Caruana, Buffalo, NY
Frank Snyder, Erie, PA
Harry Steers, Chicago, IL
Fred Thoma, Peoria, IL
1957 - Cone Hermann, St. Louis, MO
Frank Benkovic, Milwaukee, WI
1956 - Clarence Brayshaw, Omaha, NE
Larry Sutton, Rochester, NY
Frank Bruggeman, Burlington, IA

2012 Male & Female Winners

(Award Discontinued in 2012)

Amateur Bowlers of the Year

A special IBMA committee has selected the nation's best non-professional Male and Female Bowlers of the Year since 1991.

IBMA Male Amateur Bowlers of the Year

2011 - Matt Weggen, Muscatine, IA
2010 - Brian Ziesig, Levittown, NY
2009 - John Janawicz, Winter Haven, FL
2008 - Derek Eoff, Arlington, TX
2007 - Rhino Page, Topeka, KS
2006 - Bill Hoffman, Columbus, OH
2005 - Andrew Cain, Chandler, AZ
2004 - John Janawicz, Winter Haven, FL
2003 - Bill Hoffman, Columbus, OH
2002 - Bill Hoffman, Columbus, OH
2001 - Andrew Cain, Phoenix, AZ
2000 - Bill Hoffman, Columbus, OH
1999 - Bill Hoffman, Columbus, OH
1998 - John Gaines, Davidsonville, MD
1997 - Chris Barnes, Wichita, KS
1996 - Don Scudder, Cincinnati, OH
1995 - Patrick Healey Jr., Niagara Falls, NY
1994 - Patrick Healey Jr., Niagara Falls, NY
1993 - Vince Biondo III, Hoffman Estates, IL
1992 - Vince Biondo III, Hoffman Estates, IL
1991 - Patrick Healey Jr., Niagara Falls, NY

IBMA Female Amateur Bowlers of the Year

2011 - Jazreel Tan, Wichita, KS
2010 - Brittni Hamilton, Webster, NY
2009 - Brenda Edwards, Mansfield, TX
2008 - Lynda Barnes, Double Oak, TX
2007 - Diandra Asbaty, Dyer, IN
2006 - Diandra Asbaty, Chicago, IL
2005 - Lynda Barnes, Flower Mound, TX
2004 - Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix, AZ
2003 - Diandra (Hyman) Asbaty, Dyer, IN
2002 - Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix, AZ
2001 - Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix, AZ
2000 - Kelly Kulick, Union, NJ
1999 - Kelly Kulick, Union, NJ
1998 - Lynda Norry-Barnes, Wichita, KS
1997 - Kendra Cameron, Baltimore, MD
1996 - Kendra Cameron, Baltimore, MD
1995 - Liz Johnson, Niagara Falls, NY
1994 - Lucy Giovinco-Sandelin, Atlanta, GA
1993 - Liz Johnson, Niagara Falls, NY
1992 - Tammy Turner, W. Palm Beach, FL
1991 - Lynda Norry, Huntington Beach, CA

Matt Weggen

Matt Weggen
Muscatine, IA

Jazreel Tan

Jazreel Tan
Wichita, KS

Sam Levine Flowers for the Living Award

Although not an official IBMA award, the Flowers for the Living Award is one of the sport's most coveted forms of recognition. The award was created in 1961 by Cleveland Kegler publisher Sam Levine and a small group of newspapermen. It was inspired by a poem written by one of the founders, Ohio Associated Press editor Fritz Howell. His poem, “Flowers for the Living” suggests that deserving people be honored “while they are still alive to smell the flowers.” The award remains in the custody of a "secretive panel" which prides itself on making surprise presentations to unsuspecting recipients; and no recipient has been more surprised than Howell was when he received the first bouquet.

Flowers for the Living by Fritz Howell

It seems that when a fellow dies, no matter what he’s been, A saintly chap or one whose life was darkly steeped in sin - That folks forget the bitter words they spoke but yesterday And seem to find a multitude of pretty things to say.

And maybe when I go to rest, someone will bring to light Some kindly word or goodly act, long buried out of sight, But if it’s all the same to you, just give to me instead, The bouquets while I’m living, and the knocking when I’m dead.

Don’t save your kisses to imprint upon my noble brow, While countless maledictions are hurled upon me now. Just say a kindly word to me, as I mourn here alone, And don’t save all your eulogy to carve upon a stone.

What do I care if, when I’m gone, the whole newspaper world Gives me a glowing writeup and the nation’s flags are furled? Why, it won’t flatter me a bit, no matter what is said, So kindly throw your flowers now, and knock me when I’m dead.

It may be fine, when one is gone, to have folks talk so, And have the flowers come in loads from all the guys you know. It must be nice to have these things for those you leave behind But, so far as I’m concerned, I really will not mind.

I’m quite alive and well today, and while I linger here, Give me a helping hand at times, give me a word of cheer. Let’s change the game a bit, just sorta swab the decks, For I will be no judge of flowers, when I cash in my checks.

Flowers for the Living Recipients

2014 - Johnny Petraglia, Manalapan, NJ
2013 - John Sommer, Rockford, IL
2012 - Bill Lillard, Houston, TX
2011 - Jim Dressel, Chicago, IL
2010 - Paula Carter, Miami, FL
2009 - Elaine Hagin, Castro Valley, CA
2008 - Carmen Salvino, Shaumburg, IL
2007 - Lenny Nicholson, Tucson, AZ
2006 - Walt Steinsiek, Micco, FL
2005 - Pearl Keller, Chappaqua, NY
2004 - Jeanette Robinson, Las Vegas, NV
2003 - Dick Stoeffler, Las Vegas, NV
2002 - Glenn Allison, Whittier, CA
2001 - Tom Kouros, Libertyville, IL
2000 - Wayne Todd, Denver, CO
1999 - Chris Schenkel, Leesburg, IN
1998 - Jack Reichert, Lake Forest, IL
1996 - Bob Zellner, Stony Brook, NY Angelo Biondo, Chicago, IL
1995 - Augie Karcher, Winona, MN
1993 - Millie Ignizio, Rochester, NY
1992 - Earl Anthony, Cornelius, OR
1991 - Jim Bennett Jr., Muskegon, MI
1990 - Helen Duval, Berkeley, CA
1989 - Pat McDonough
1988 - Helen Baker, Cocoa Beach, FL
1987 - Joe Lyou, Los Angeles, CA
1986 - Don Carter, Miami, FL
1985 - John Jowdy, San Antonio, TX

1982 -1984 - Award was not given due to the death of the originator, Sam Levine
1981 - Byron Schoeman, Satellite Beach, FL
1980 - Bill Doehrman, Ft. Wayne, IN
1979 - Dick Weber, St. Louis, MO
1978 - Lee Evans, Miami, FL; Emma Phaler, Miami, FL
1977 - Eddie Elias, Akron, OH
1976 - Chuck Pezzano, Clifton, NJ
1975 - Fred Wolf, Detroit, MI
1974 - Mort Luby Jr., Chicago, IL
1973 - Bill Hengen, Minneapolis, MN; Alberta E. Crowe, Liverpool, NY
1972 - Sam Levine, Cleveland, OH
1971 - Frank Baker, Milwaukee, WI; Hank Marino, Milwaukee, WI
1969 - Frank Sczepanski, Flint, MI
1968 - Bruce Pluckhahn, Milwaukee, WI
1967 - Tom Bolger, Toledo, OH; Steve Cruchon, Detroit, MI
1966 - Billy Sixty, Milwaukee, WI
1965 - Marion Ladewig, Grand Rapids, MI
1964 - Joe Norris, Chicago, IL
1963 - Sam Weinstein, Chicago, IL; John O. Martino, Syracuse, NY
1962 - Joe Smolen, Milwaukee, WI

1961 - Fritz Howell, Columbus, OH

IBMA Bowler of the Decade

The purpose of this award is to honor a male and female bowler for outstanding accomplishments during a decade. (To be decided in 2019)

2001 - 2010 Winners

Walter Ray Williams Jr

Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Kelly Kulick

Kelly Kulick